Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Around the Corner : One Day I will walk slow

As many people now know I walk ...a lot. What they don't know that if given motivation I can walk a full mile in under 10 minutes but when I do walk my normal pace I only do a mile in about 17 minutes. The other day as I was walking along my various paths I came upon a couple ...

This couple was easily over the age of 60 walking hand in hand. You could hear their murmuring as she would giggle at a joke he told. You would see their fragile hands clasping each other, as he would gently put his arm around her waist as they walked along the path. You immediately knew they were in love and had been in love a very long time. As you approach you become acutely aware at just how envious you are of their life together because you can tell as they moved like magnets.

As you pass them by you find yourself wishing to slow down and take a minute to say hello and learn their story but on your way you must go to where ever it is you must be. Yet, before you turn the corner and out of sight of the couple you take a peak back to see if they are still there making their way and yes they are both of them smiling and walking slowly.

One day, you say to yourself, I will walk slowly too....maybe with a dog too!
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