Thursday, February 14, 2013

Repeat ! Valentines Day posts

I admit sometimes thinking of stuff to type up about stuff is actually very hard and while I could relate my dismal love life to you ..I already have so here are a few repeated posts of Valentines day past ...Enjoy!

100 Tips for less than $60! 
Okay I need a date bad, no, really I do. I want to make sure I can date but, in all reality I won't go out on a date. So here are some tips for those lonelyhearts out there on ways to find someone to date in time for Valentine's Day.

Fyi its is properly called Saint Valentine's Day and happy birthday to that guy I once dated that was born on that day.

Tip # 3 : Get out of the house. Yes, you may think the free offer from is too good to be true and it is so this requires you to go outside...even if it is raining.

Tip #17: Join a coffee clatch, yes, this means for a mere $5 you go to a coffee store see a group of people and ask if you can join.

Tip #8 : Take a shower. This is paramount to going outside and meeting people and do not use a lot of cologne when you get dressed.

Tip #23: No one understands why you are dressing like Steve Jobs, a Vampire, or an Attorney. A simple pair of clean pants, a nice button up shirt, and appropriate shoes is all you need.

If you like to find out the other 100 tips just email me :) there is a $59.95 surcharge fee.

Spinsterhood 2009

Okay, I know it is difficult to be romantic today but, we must try.
I found being a single woman is a hot commodity and while I get propositions I am not ready to commit to a relationship.
Considering I still find online dating attractive.
What is there not to like about the passive aggressive way of EHarmony and yields.
Craigslist is the holy land of passive aggressive dating and the more I think about the more likely I am not interested in meeting anyone new.
I should I know...otherwise spinsterhood membership dues will be exorbaniant because of my advanced age.
I think I thought I was going to find someone and settle down but, my last proposition came from a Lucky's Grocery Delivery Truck Russian truck driver and well I don't think I am his type...
See, passive agressive, here is Cupid reminding me with the there is always hope but with a Russian delivery truck driver did Cupid forget all about my paranoia and need for reassurance?
So today is Valentine's Day...enjoy it with the one you love...

True Love is not to be narcissitic 

True Love.

I have berated you over what it is and where to get it and how to propose to it, but in all reality you are your own true love.

Without further explanation follow these instructions..

Go stand infront of a mirror and yes you can do this in the dress barn dressing room.
Count backwards from 20.

Look into your eyes.

Now, accept your flaws and deficiencies alike

Your knees look funny and your toes do too because of the silly red shade you put on.

Accept it all, know it is yours and no one elses.

This is your temple your source of energy, the wrinkles are times passed and the sparkle in your eyes....know yourself better than anyone else even those who say they love you.

No, this is not narcissism at its best it is what true love is because when you love yourself you can find love like no one else.

Don't spend more than hour or else you find something less and if you have a partner try both of you standing in front of the mirror might find more love than you ever thought possible.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

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