Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl and what to do if the Niners don't win

Slight programming change as I have come down with a good dose of sneeze and sneeze so instead of blogging live via BlogTV from UnaMas I have to just tweet from the confines of my bedroom because its safer if I don't go outside and I do my laundry instead of sneeze on my nachos in public.

So you know I want a dog right? Really I do want a dog that will be at least one common theme from this year that I want a dog and I miss having a dog. I have great dog memories so I probably will blow off the whole Ravens vs. 49ers and watch Animal Planets Puppy Bowl instead while I do laundry.

There is some interesting things you can do instead of watch football because if you don't watch these cuties  there is always baseball and the San Jose Giants are in the 49er spirit with a great deal till Feb 6th just don't take my word for it going to a San Jose Giants game is fun fun!!!

You know Valentines Day is like on a Thursday so why not take two things you love and hang out at The Winery in SF with your dog and have a glass of wine on Sunday! Admission is free and you can bring your other house trained pet know that guy.

I don't mind what dog I get at this point I can pretty much say I dream about dogs I even follow dogs on twitter but this meetup on Sunday Feb 16th may work just too as it with Westie Dogs which are super cute because the McCarthy's have a Westie too named Hobbes

Of course if you are like me and want to see some projects make it check out the dog projects on Kickstarter  and find some very cool dog events.

On Feb 22nd you can spend an hour and find out what good works they do for all the animals at the Humane Society Silicon Valley Paw'r Hour which by the way is a lot !

Do you know where to walk and what to do with your dog looking to meet some new people check out Canine Capers Dog Walk at Pleasanton Ridge on Feb 26th. Fido needs help meeting people too.

While I do enjoy wine I believe the a winery with a dog is essential so check out Winery Dogs and check out MuttLynch and check out these Dog Lovers Wines 

If you wanna have a dog fundraiser check out how to host one because I'd love to just see all the dogs :)

Oh I like cats, rabbits, and birds just fine but I really miss having a dog a lot more than you will ever know.

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