Monday, February 11, 2013

Tech Skill - Highs and Lows

I know a lot of people looking for work and it can be incredibly frustrating to me when individuals think they should be thousands of dollars just because they deserve it.
I do not have a fabulous job I have a job because I want to work I like seeing the end of the day just as much as I see the beginning of the day. An eight hour shift can be busy or slow but either way its 8 hours spent somewhere else than my bed.

What I keep harping on and on and over and over is the proof in your work, are you really contributing to your employer? Recently, I overheard some tips to get ahead in the workplace which were great but those tips didn't address the politics of the workplace.

Yes, you can show up on time and Yes, you can go to lunch with your co workers or even treat your boss to lunch. Yes, you can pay for training or develop a new process in the workplace.

Yet, it all boils down to the skills you have.

Think about what is considered a High Tech skill?

Now think about what is a Low Tech Skill?

How can  producing a newsletter differ in both skill sets?

For the sake of conversation let's take the example of the newsletter.
In Low tech it would be simple as copy, paste adjusting the color palette and typing up variety of headlines.
A High tech skill would be to know the programming of producing the newsletter template and inserting the appropriate commands to track changes and information produced.

Why is there two different people with the same skill set given different pay and different job titles when producing the newsletter? Simply because they have certified their skills. An Administrative assistant can produce a newsletter utilizing a software program but an Engineer is slated to have the programming knowledge to make the newsletter. As you can imagine an Engineer gets paid significantly more than an Administrative assistant but yet both are doing the same task.

There was recently an article published about a workplace and if you read carefully it is exemplifying the need of low tech skills versus the high tech skills job market. Yet we can not have a job marketplace without low tech skill jobs because who will do the cleaning? Whom will organize the calendar? If we have a job market with all high tech skilled job there are not enough workers because as the Recession taught us after 15 years of working on an assembly line people who got laid off didn't know how to use some of the basic office computer programs but yet the job they had for 15 years was considered a high skill job.
There also wouldn't be enough money to pay for all the high skilled staff because by default they would have to receive 10% above the highest average salary for their field.

So yes, taking a job for less than what you made in 2010 is hard but its a job that will allow you to get more training and more certified skill than you had before.

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