Friday, February 22, 2013

The Hustle

The Hustle happens just about every major city and usually starts early in the morning and then peaks right after 5PM and lasts for 2 hours.

The Hustle is where you see normally serene people jockey for position as they make their way to the bus, train or other mass transportation.

I miss The Hustle because my hustle is a lonely one mile walk to the bus stop usually at 8AM or 6PM and its in a nice quiet tree lined street. That is not to say that other Hustles are not along tree lined streets but I think a freeway overpass is definitely a standard backdrop in making the journey of the said hustle.

I usually spot my space and leader in the hustle as one rather overzealous woman tried to run past me only to get stopped by the crosswalk light and it was there I determined she was going to be behind me for the rest of said hustle. Granted, she could have been off put by the mentally disturbed gentlemen raving political dissertations but to satisfy my ego she fell behind because I walked speedily past her.

The wardrobe of the Hustle does depend on the season though you will almost always see at least one pair of tennis shoes completely outside the work wear uniform so to speak. Now and again you will find someone brave enough to do the Hustle in high heels but they are no competition except for runway models because 1) streetgrates always make those brave souls go incredibly slower than the rest 2) 2inches or higher are just plain ridiculous in the Hustle unless you are a tester for Manolo Blahniks shoes

So if you do the Hustle it right!

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