Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walk Walk Walk or you know don't run

I admit I recently tried to trot my way around the neighborhood and it was not successful at the least. Thus I just keep walking and apparently that is good but not good enough.

One thing about walking is it is technically free.

Really even has a program for you and I am repeating it here...

If You Are Already Walking for Fitness: If you are already walking comfortably for over 30 minutes, then feel free to walk for a longer duration than given in the walking assignment. In future weeks we will get into more vigorous walking workouts to challenge you. You can sneak a peek at our Walking Workouts.
Distance Walkers: If you are ready to train for a marathon, you can use the training schedules in ourMarathon Training Tutorial along with this program.
Rest Days: There will be days when you can't walk due to your schedule or you may wish to add in up to three rest days or crosstraining days a week - alternating with your walking days. Each week I shall have one rest day on day 7.

Today's Walk 15-30 minute walk at a comfortable pace. 
Warm up with 5 minutes at a very easy pace. 
Find a safe spot with a wall or pole to do a 5 minute easy stretching routine. 
Now resume your walk at a comfortable pace. 
End with 5 minutes of gentle stretching. 
Your focus for today, "What do I want to change?" Do you want to lose weight? Improve your fitness? Prevent or control disease? Train for a walking event? Spend your time walking to think of these, then write down your ideas.
So get started and in ten weeks you will be walking more than ME! 

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