Saturday, March 2, 2013

Credit or Cash apparently there is a difference

Well I am in Las Vegas and that is all I can say as you read this post from wherever you are...(Where?)

I got an AWESOME voucher for parking at San Jose International but the lot wasn't one at the airport in fact the park'n ride for just $8 a day is all the way....on the other side of.....MOUNTAIN VIEW! Now that is just such a great deal! Thank goodness I read the fine, fine print.

So I went online to the San Jose International Airport site to see just how much they wanted to charge for parking per day ( not too much but kinda steep at $30 bucks. ) but it was while I was deciding between Lot 1 Boondock parking at $15 a day versus Lot 6 by Terminal B that I discovered this gem of a video on parking at SJC. 

Apparently if you are paying cash you need to take your ticket with you but if you are paying by credit card you do not need to take the ticket stuff with you.

No biggie...but watch the video AGAIN and closely see that the cash paying person is a SINGLE GUY but suddenly when the guy paying with a credit card has a partner.

Whoa I knew being single meant I was discriminated against for like welfare subsidies and hotel discounts but apparently paying cash for parking means you are single too ! Who Knew!

I can only imagine what the video was for people who wanted to take public transit...

and total side note did you notice the guy paying with cash has glasses where the guy paying with credit doesn't have glasses....its like double the slam.
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