Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Dating Site ex date


Yes, it is true I got desperate enough and drunk enough to actually sign up on the internet dating site and post a profile.

I did then attempt for three months ( 90 days ) to get a date and you were the one I picked out of the THOUSANDS of other men I could have chosen.

You are so lucky considering my last louvre was an government agency.

I was just not impressed by your vast knowledge of the bay area transit system though you drove a Prius because ( and I quote here ) " I like my privacy"

Granted, I totally lied about my educational background and you lied about liking  the Duggar family reality show 19 and counting.

So, let's just say I have learned that for the better its better to stay a spinster then waste my time explaining the health benefits of wine.

Its a lesson in hubris to try to get a mate thru an online dating site because in the end all you could talk about was you and your car and your house and your ex wife and your job...ok you get the picture at least I didn't have to draw it out for you.

All in all I will probably never see you again and I am happy about that.

I am probably going to block you now and blog about the night we spent together getting lost on the trail in Napa...there wasn't a winery and I just thought you were just trying WAY too hard to impress me.

Thanks, don't call me I won't pick up.

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