Saturday, March 16, 2013

Got Flu? Take your vitamins

I seriously am a vitamin head now. I also do a nice fiber / colon cleanse and I swear that has saved me from the flu except I got it anyway and its like three days crappy feeling and two days great. Granted, the flu hasn't totally knocked me on my feet and I am pretty sure that because I took copious amounts of Vitamin C I was able to do 18 hours in Vegas on 2 hours sleep.

That is the catch, I take about 10 to 15 tablets ranging from Lysine to MSM to Cinnamon at night so the next day I am up at 4AM.

While there is so little benefit to taking vitamins versus gathering them from nuts and twigs that the side effects can be like MASSIVE hair growth...seriously I am starting to sprout more hair than the Geico Cave Man and that is a lot of shaving even for me. Next, the amount of energy I have is kinda silly because after my 4AM wake up I need to type or research or read or whatever it is that is promoting my eye strain which lead me to the optometrist who says I have hereditary Glaucoma developing in my right eye.

So yes, I recommend copious amounts of Vitamin C, B, and a multi, and a cleanse and Zinc, and well...maybe some melatonin?

I could recommend several good brands but just start with a multivitamin you like and go from there.

Maybe shave off your hair too...

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