Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is my reusable cup causing me to have the flu?

While I think I don't need both my lungs I don't really want to hack one up like a cat's hair ball yet, that seems to be my cup of tea so to speak.

Then like a lightbulb that went off and blinded me momentarily I thought " By Golly that is IT!"

When I get sick there are three must do things

  1. Change my toothbrush out for a brand new one
  2. Change and wash my bedding for brand clean one
  3. Take a shower nightly scrub and get behind my ears. 
Now I do ask the Starbucks staff to rinse my cup but is it being rinsed enough ...have I sanitized it enough or am I just recycling my flu germs with my reusable cup? 

While I could take said item to the lab and have it checked for pathogens living comfortably in radius of my tongue I figured it just better to go and recycle the reusable cup and get a new one...hopefully this will help.

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