Friday, March 29, 2013

Liquid Love...10 places to drink your 10 bottles of wine :)

So I can't quite avoid my family visiting so I might as well find some great places to go and drink all that wine.

Let's go to Reno for the Riverwalk Wine walk

Then lets go to Las Vegas Uncorked event  in May for a few hundred or so dollars get a lot of great wine 

Next let's go to Maui to say we went to Maui and had some wine?

Then maybe spend a few nights in Yosemite before going back to Mariposa for some more wine

So its time to find out about the pacific ocean grab some grub from Cole's BBQ and head over to Capitola and see the crew at Cava Wine Bar

Off to Paso Robles next if just to see how its done

Now you really have to get out of the State of mind so to speak so head East and check Fingerlakes in New York you may be more surprised then me

Now Montana is where my friend H lives and apparently I should go there to drink wine too but I wonder if H will share?

While I will not live in Washington State again one must go to the eastern side every once in a while.

Texas being so big and all you got your choice places to roam and sip your wine

Finally gotta check out North Carolina for the Blue Ridge

That is 10 places to drink wine or something :)
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