Monday, March 18, 2013

The GO your back yard

There are certain things to go into a GO Bag but the whole GO weekend is rather much more simpler but there is guidelines to be followed.

The most important guideline is to make sure you go away from home...the recession has ended so no more staycations. You have to be at least 10 miles away from your home AND work address.

Another fun guideline is that when strangers ask you what you fib..yes while I have gone on vacation I took on a whole new identity just to keep the mystery alive...I can be an office manager at some European stock broker company my name is still Patricia but in my spare time I might as well work for ISIS waiting for Archer to show up.

Another guideline is not to count can eat that carrot cake or better yet, drink a lot of wine ...seriously a lot of wine.

Oh you should stay someplace where there is a jacuzzi, granted this is a new rule but I find it helps a lot.

Remember there are a lot a great places outside the 10 Mile radius ...a lot of wineries too :)
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