Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vegas Baby, Vegas

I made it to and from Las Vegas in one piece. While I am even surprised I am not married or pregnant from my expedition you have to remember I was there celebrating for someone else's success. I am eternally gratiful for the opportunity. Planning for 8 hours for 24 people leaves little room to saddle up to a stranger in a dark watering hole and ask him to buy you a drink.

Aside from the fact I was battling a cold, flu and menstrual pain ontop of a case of insomnia that was only letting me have a mere 90 minutes of sleep. When I woke up the morning of my flight to Vegas I was pretty sure I was a zombie and the CDC would not let me on the plane.

By the time I did get some sleep some 18 hours later I think my eyes were welded shut and my lungs were exhausted from working I felt more zombie than human.

There was so much to do on Sunday that I had to run around a lot from trying to find the ice hockey game to the Monorail I was beat and made it to my 2nd hotel room only to stare blankly at the tv in hopes my eyes would close.

I could not have asked for better weather in Las Vegas. I also could not have had a better hotel as the Bellagio was a gracious host to my team and me.

I saw the water show and I ate at the buffet and I watched KA from Cirque Du Soliel ( yes I am tired hence I can rhyme this ).

All very nice but yet I can honestly say I am disappointed ....not one marriage proposal to write home about.

I guess that is why I am lucky!

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