Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking 30 miles a week is just not enough

If you have been reading my blog you should get the idea I walk...a lot. So you can imagine after telling my friendly general practitioner that I spend about 80 minutes a day walking ( 1 mile =20 minutes 4 miles a day) that I feel I get a good amount of exercise.


Apparently my mere 20 minute walks should be 10 minute sprints now ( I kid you not ).

I should be walking at a brisk pace for at least 10 minutes with an elevated heart rate to get the benefits of my perpetual walking credo. I guess what I have been doing for the past year is similar to what a sloth does on Sunday.

Oh and add wrist or ankle weights to fight bone loss...yes bone loss.

You can imagine my indignation at these suggestions compared to people I see on the bus daily taking one stop to the next stop a mere 2 blocks away ( especially on El Camino ).

I have tried to alter my course and added about 1/2 mile to my daily walk by getting off the bus a stop earlier than normal ( one day I walked a whole 6 miles ).

Yet when I stop by my GP ...still not enough...

I am looking at getting a bicycle just to amp up my heartrate because do you now how hard it is to sweat while you walk down the primerose paths????

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