Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yes, I read Dlisted and you should too...

I have many a guilty pleasure that comes strictly not for workplace arena so I usually have to wait till about 11:40PM at night to read my salvation.

I am not talking about the King James Bible either but 

You should read Dlisted too if only to realize how incredibly silly it is that Anne Hathaway won an oscar for playing a singing call girl.

What? Too Soon. Ok maybe you are right but when you are standing in an grocery aisle reading about Jennifer Aniston potentially incubation of another human you really shouldn't pay $2 for that magazine and go directly to Michael K over at Dlisted for the what's what and who's who.

Oh after I feel fully cleansed of any guilt I have for having a boring cog of a life I go over to Twitter and stalk Pat Burrell. Its perfectly normal thing to do ( admit you do it to except maybe you stalk Tim Lincecum or the Bronx Zoo cobra ) 

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