Saturday, April 6, 2013

I do 5000 steps before 8:30AM or What have you done lately?

So, after three months of measuring my PMS I now have another 3 months to measure my exercise level so that meant getting a heart rate monitor and a pedometer.

Now I can measure my walking pretty easily but now that I have a pedometer I am like super human but I still have to do it faster.

Apparently, I am walking a total of 6 miles a day on average ...ON AVERAGE. So my mere 30 miles a week ..its now 42 miles a week.

What I have to do now is spend at least 4 hours on the weekend making my heart race because my resting heart rate is too slow like 52 beats per minute. When I walk it is a steady 55bpm so now I have to bump it up about 65bpm for 20 minutes to start losing pounds on my own otherwise I will be a great candidate for a NEW weight loss program. My plan is to walk four miles and after first 1/2 mile sprint for a .25 of the mile then alternate between speed walking pumping my fist and just normal walking gradually increasing my distance after each mile so by mile four I will sprint for 3/4 of a mile and cool down walk the last .25

The biggest thing I have to remember is to breath properly in thru nose and out mouth hopefully the trail isn't too bad tomorrow.
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