Sunday, April 14, 2013

I love socks, not the cat but that cat is cool, its a family socks thing

While I do laundry in copious amounts on Saturdays usually I have a sock meltdown..seriously if I don't have clean underwear and socks I flip out on the scale. So I go thru my numerous slightly old and well worn pairs of socks and start the cleansing process ...AFTER I WASH THEM ...I know it only makes sense to me so don't judge.

A hole for my big toe is just a big NO NO! and thus I rip them apart ( I know I could sew them back up but I am not Pioneer Woman here there is a CVS pharmacy down the street ) then I recycle them properly.

This past purge left me with 4 pairs of mismatched socks mother would be ashamed of me.
So I promptly went out and bought 6 more pairs and some how the shakes have stopped.

Now, while socks are important there is a strange need for the 4 pairs of underwear I got know just incase .

You see a very long time ago when socks were first invented my great ancestors worshipped at the church of stockings and when cotton pairs of socks came out you might as well reinvented electricity for my clan. Granted I don't have cold feet syndrome but nothing is more comforting sometimes than a pair of comfy socks.

So get a pair ....seriously.

** one other thing I discovered at the local CVS pharmacy...Pink Moscato and Sour Watermelon drops ...take sip after you have one and its like flavor explosion! Amazing good...

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