Sunday, April 7, 2013

I wish my life was a Spanish Telanova

Hi, I watch Amor Bravio on Hulu and then I read Caray!Caray! Blog so I understand what I am watching.

You see I use to get off the bus near this taqueria where the staff would play Spanish Telanovas and because I am trying to improve my spanish I would watch with rapt attention. Here is a few things I have learned

  1. Italians are not the only ones who talk with their hands
  2. If you must wear something be sure its at least 2 sizes smaller than your actual normal size
  3. If you are a woman you always must have heals on or if you are a woman rancher the boots you wear must have ornate design on them 
  4. The good guys and the bad guys switch sides all the time.
  5. The hotel, hospital, and jail are within 1 block radius of each other and there is a flock of birds in each of these locations always chirping. 
While I may need an eyeliner tutorial and maybe longer hair cut in drastic different way I think I could handle a telanova about my life because the men are

  • always carry a pocketknife ...really all of them 
  • are wearing pants 2 size smaller than normal size
  • very passionate in kissing 
  • usually are reading ...a lot 
  • INCREDIBLY GULLIBLE ..sincerely I think I could sell these guys a ocean view bridge in Arizona
Admittedly, I probably have to work on my spanish so I will keep watching ! 

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