Thursday, April 18, 2013

Its not enhanced...its a rerun

As much as people formed a cult and you needed to be reminded of all the crazy story lines on Lost ABC went to the well again and made "enhanced" versions of its shows like Revenge which was just a rerun with subtitles.

A few people know I love watching shows that are enhanced but in a different way...Trust me on this you want to go out an just buy a DVD / blue ray player just for this.


I discovered this gem when I rented first Resident Evil ...listening to Mila Jovanvich kabitz about the action is just absolutely hilarious and made me a Resident Evil Fan until the last one which isn't the last one anymore because in 5 years someone will reboot the whole thing and make it worse.

But I digress some of my favorite shows " Being human " Sons of Anarchy " even Archer just listening to the back story of some scenes make the sticker shock go away all the more faster because you can't find the cast commentary on all the discs take for example True Blood there is some hilarious slap your knee commentary between Alex Skargaard and the guy who plays Sam Merlott.

So if you have to watch a rerun and its not even Summer time get the DVD's and look for the line that says "Cast Commentary" its a gold mine!

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