Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kicking it on Kickstarter

Here is a recent update I received about a project I backed on Kickstarter

Project Update #26: ORPDATE #26 KS FRIENDS + ORPHESIVES!

Posted by Tory OrzeckLike
This is a quick Orpdate to cover  some Orp developments , but before I do that, I want to  let all of you know about  a few  projects  that friends currently have on Kickstarter.
First, my friend, neighbor and Kickstarter mentor Jason Hilbourne  is following up his successful Twig campaign with theWide Body Pebble watch strap. This is a really novel project where he makes the really cool Pebble watch and makes it look even cooler and better distribute the strap load on your wrist with a  new wider Pebble ready watch strap design. If you have a  Pebble  you'll want to check it out. If you don't have a Pebble, get one and then check it out! Or, just get one and then whine to your friends or significant other that you need a Pebble for your new strap.
Next,  Tom Walters and  his business partner, both  aerospace engineers, at Noxgear have developed a Fiber Opticvest  like thing... its really more of a wearable spider as its really  minimal. They are using fiber optic fibers to distribute LED driven light through the skeleton of  their product. I think this product is  a must for anyone that runs, bikes  or plays {frisbee golf} at night. I think this technology is really neat  as coincidentally  we've been playing with this technology for a completely different project.   I think it's  worth having a look. Yeah, they need some naming help {they're engineers}, but  the thing actually pushes out light and it's so minimal. Here's the link:
Third,  big congrats to Clay Neigher and the BikeSpike team for  their recently funded Bike Spike project!  BikeSpike is this GPS and Accelerometer enabled device that does a whole bunch of cool stuff. Click the link in the copy above.
Finally,  we' ve got Stickers! These are the best vinyl stickers on the planet. They are super shiny, silk screened, 4 color vinyl sticky friends ready to enhance your  MacBook Pro, your Mom 's car {or if you have a car, your car}, your favorite Bus or city vehicle [I'm kidding], your residence or wherever you want to  be in view of an artifact of the Orp Campaign that you helped make happen! They even have that new vinyl-y smell! These stickers will ship out with T-shirts soon and Orps in a few months.
Meanwhile, we've been pedaling hard to finalize Orp. I  will provide another Orpdate  in the next few days to focus on the latest.
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