Friday, April 26, 2013

Movie Review ...

Somewhere I found the Camera Cinemas six movies for $60 bucks amazing but the only problem was I was spending all my free time at the movies

Then I discovered the Tuesday $4.50 Cinelux deal which is now $5

So you know I watch A LOT of movies ...seriously I critique the smell of popcorn...seriously if a movie theater doesn't smell like popcorn then its a lousy theater ...even if its in a Mall.

So here is a smattering of movies I have seen so far this year that warrant me taking up additional internet space with my point of view of whether the movie was good or bad ...or know.

Skyfall....I know it came out sometime yesterday or something like that but it came out and I spent a lot of money to see it and well...go see it

Olympus has Fallen....I admit I saw this because of Gerald Butler and only because of him...most women would so I am completely normal ...stop judging me.

Warm Bodies...its a Zombie movie about zombie love and what single woman in a made up relationship doesn't need a good pick me up film to relieve her depression that after the Zombie Apocalypse there isn't love or something like it.

Red Dawn ....ok this is another movie in which my uterus had control of my brain and Liam Helmsworth is nice to look at ...seriously don't judge.

The Twilight Saga Part 2 Breaking Dawn....I just had to know how it ended ...really...I didn't read the books.

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