Monday, April 8, 2013

Thanks ! IRS now I am dealing with the CDC?

As a few people know my relationship with the IRS is ended with a dismissal that wasn't bad but was not great. Somewhere I got sick and started to get hives.
Yes, I have hives.
So its either because all my baby shower gifts had baby powder in them or I need to fumigate my room.
I went with the latter and did a massive cleaning in my spare time this weekend.

I also met a very nice allergist ( yes apparently there are allergist out there and complete with training! ) who took me aside and did a test..

I am just phasing ...yes I am phasing meaning my tolerance level for a variety of food I like ...say Peanuts has been reduced to one peanut. It usually happens to women my age that haven't released all the estrogen in a massive spurt i.e. birthing out another human. Her serious recommendation to solve my problem was to  have a hysterectomy. Upon hearing her repeat it just so I didn't think I was losing my hearing too ( maybe its a 2 for 1 kinda deal lose your reproduction and hearing in one fell swoop )   is when I decided to leave the store salesperson calling herself an allergist and proceeded to bolt out of the store.

I figure the CDC is a nice single government agency that may want to start a slightly passive aggressive relationship with a single woman.

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