Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whatcha doing this weekend? More San Jose Giants Games!

Ok enough of the San Jose Giants but you REALLY should go ....

Let's look see what you can do this weekend if you are not going to join me at the San Jose Giants game for beer and a hotdog

If Sunday you don't want to do the Kiss Me Dirty Run check out this Half Marathon in Woodside called the Ramble that can go for a 50K ...that is like 35 miles ...whoa
What I don't get is why they call it Woodside when the Park is located in Redwood City????

If you don't want to run and are going to be in Redwood City anyway check out CATS at the Fox Theatre  but if you don't want to see Cats at the Fox Theater get your tickets for the October 5th Show with Joan Rivers NOW !!!

Now I am not saying that I would go to a Speed Dating event in Fremont but for $20 on a Saturday night at Kaenyama Sushi located at 43785 Boscell Road in Fremont but I am saying that maybe that is an option to find a good date to go to a run to on Sunday or a Baseball game :)

Now granted it is not football season but its FUTBOL and the San Jose Earthquakes have teamed up with the United Way to make a difference not only in your life but in your sports arena so check them out as they battle the LA Galaxy

Join us for the annual San Jose Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles Galaxy game - California Clasico match on Saturday June 29th @ 7:30pm @ Stanford Stadium (625 Nelson Road, Stanford, CA, 94305)
This year's event will feature a postgame fireworks extravaganza and a salute to the Armed Forces, that's being produced by the same folks who did the Winter Olympics opening and closing events.  

San Jose Earthquake's Chris Wondolowski will take on the Galaxy's Landon Donovan in this exciting match! 
This is your opportunity to be one of first to buy a limited amount of tickets for this year's game at a special nonprofit discounted price of only $26!

WATCH the game & GIVE back, ALL at the same time!

Ok maybe that isn't enough for you and you need some quiet time well head up to the Los Altos Hills to Hidden Villa for some Stargazing
HV Photo

Astronomy for the Whole Family!
Enjoy an introduction to our beautiful night sky and an evening full of astronomical wonders! Join Environmental Educator Mila to learn about the sparkling stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies- plus ancient navigation techniques and mythological stories! Enjoy hot cocoa, spectacular images, and enthralling constellation stories, before creating your own hand-made star chart and heading outside for some guided night sky exploration! Bring warm clothes, a flashlight, and a blanket.

Ok I think that is about it and trust me there is a lot of wine events this weekend maybe I will get a Zipcar for this weekend and find out what's what ...and see some stars then get mud in my eye???
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