Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yummy in Your Tummy

Its been a while since I had a house party and I am thinking of renting an abode and going all out and maybe rent a condo ?

Well I would probably need a great big kitchen table for all the food I would get from the best places to grab some grub!

You have to check out Plant Based Pizza in Willow Glen they have everything Vegan and not just Salad but actually Vegan Hamburgers! VEGAN HAMBURGERS!

Next if you need BarBQue and trust me you do and if you haven't been reading my blog than you gotta head over to Cole's  but its gotta be when the family is there too for the best off the cow.

Alright you want good dinner and great drinks I have to say head over to the Elephant Bar for their Happy Hour in Cupertino

What you say you gotta watch a Sports Game while you sip and nosh then you should be at Vintage Wine Bar in Santana Row

Finally, if you must actually go to a baseball game catch the San Jose Giants next week at Muni Stadium nothing say Summer like a Beer Batter and a hot dog!

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