Thursday, May 2, 2013

It must be Thursday because Im already thinking about Sunday...

Cinco De Mayo is this weekend so aside from a lot of Tequila drinks let's look at what else you could do besides watch Iron Man 3 three times even in 3D ( bonus point because it rhymes)

Let's start with some hats on Friday specifically Hats Off to Dr. Seuss in Menlo Park at the Peabody Fine Art Gallery This Nationally toured exhibition is celebration of the book "500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" 75th Anniversary. Dr Seuss really was a great writer!

You know I have been on a rum drink crusade so to speak with the Road to Lahina and Jungle Coloda at the Elephant bar so its should be no surprise you can enjoy some leis too at the Foster City Polynesian Festival while there may be a few rum items there is a really cool outrigger canoe rides at Leo Ryan Park on Saturday May 4th

If you don't know how to do the hula check out the Marathon in Fremont on Saturday as you can choose how far or what you want to run for at the Western Pacific Marathon held at Quarry Lakes. You can to a 5K 10K or walk ...I would walk the fun starts at 7:30 and you could still make the Polynesian Festival afterward...just in case you wanted to celebrate!

If you want to step up from Tequila then check out the Livermore Wine County Festival its in downtown livermore and if you don't believe me that there is a downtown in Livermore I fully expect you to go to this event and tell me so!

Say you don't want to run and you don't like rum or wine but you need to smile then head over to the West Valley Presbyterian Church for the Teddy Bear Fair complete with smiles and hugs galore because there will bear check ups and more at the corner of Bollinger and Miller in Cupertino!

Lets say you like to run a lot and if so on Sunday you can head over to Great America and run a 5K which is to say not as far or as fast as a roller coaster but the KeyPoint run takes you past some of your favorite rides and a complimentary pass to the Great America park too!

Finally let's get some culture up in the gig and see a timeless story by Shakespeare played out at the Hoover Theater on Park Ave on Sunday as the two lovers Romeo and Juliet find true love ( or maybe not ) the fine actors are from San Jose Youth troupe which I hear has some great acting chops.

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