Sunday, July 28, 2013

Did he expect to get applause?

If you are wondering why I am not commenting on the Snowden issue is because I really think he was stupid. No, he was right to whistleblow but he whistleblew the wrong agency you know the NSA short for National Security Agency and I am pretty sure they have been "tracking, watching, listening" in since McCarthy ( a few of my readers may remember him ).

Also he was an contractor and just like the kid at Taco Bell licking the taco shells and posting it on Facebook he had an agreement to uphold. Now since he has decided to tell everyone everything that everyone who does anything is being watched by someone ( side note : if you read that sentence three times fast in the mirror the image of Dick Cheney will appear ) he has decided to go travel the globe or hang out in a Moscow Airport his choice.

That is the thing. He made the choice to do what he did no one was promoting him to do and he understood the consequences of making that choice but if he had wanted applause

He should have release the really big information about the aliens in Area 54 then he could go on Jay Leno and get his applause because everyone loves ET.
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