Monday, July 8, 2013

Economics of Weight Loss

I have spent $900 and I have lost 10lbs that is $90 a pound - a good investment right?

Not exactly I should probably ask for my money back.

Yet breakdown the average weight loss / lifestyle plan and you might wanna rob your piggy bank.

The basics shoes and workout wear about $100 because shoes now are expensive like more than $20 and you need two pair I am sorry but this is a reality because one pair will almost always have a shoelace break, start to tear at the seems or in general fall apart.

I usually just wear down the soles of my shoes

Then there is the workout wear because you think the gym shorts you bought in 1996 are still fashionable and fit well no and there is a lot of shorts from fashion shorts to spandex. Note to everyone trying to lose weight spandex is not your friend really its not.

So you head over to Target and find a nice pair of sweatpants that only cost $18 and a pair of long shorts for $22 yeah you have just spent a mere $45 with tax !

Did you get socks ? A T-shirt? That is a good $20 more for $10 on a pair of socks and $13 for the t shirt ( its on clearance )

That is just clothes you have not event signed up for the gym yet? Taken your first aerobic step so to speak unless you walked to the mall then good for you.

Do you have your pedometer or heart monitor or ipod to listen to music because depending on the model you get that can be another $100 plus so I recommend going to Amazon dot com and checking it out there because even the $1 pedometer still counts steps.

Next there is your gym membership because you don't want to buy an Elliptical machine for your 10x10 room and that ab cruncher is still over $50 and that is probably the same you can pay for your membership.
Now think about your local community center when I lived in Campbell there was GREAT classes for pennies literally like $10 ten dollars compared to the $50 you pay. Also don't forget about the YMCA or YWCA those places are like $16. All the same its about $25 a month you should expect

Ok you got clothes, gym membership now what is the next expense ? Oh yeah food but its not as bad as you think. Think about having your food delivered to you if you are weak going down the aisles I know I am and that is my Achilles heel I think I am going to eat that can of spam but instead I get a can of peanuts and ice cream. While you wait for the groceries to arrive you can do stretching exercises and jumping jacks ( I kid you not )

Now that is going to run you about $100 to $150 but remember this food is suppose to last and you have to eat all those veggies you just ordered right? One thing about ordering your food you get a wake up call about how much you can eat and what you are willing to make which is to say not a lot and remember portion control so you may have more food in the freezer than in the refrigerator.

Let's add up what we have so far $120 for clothes $25 for gym membership $75 for exercise equipment like the fancy watch pedometer that links up to you iphone and $125 for food. That is $345 not a bad investment and you are on your way so using my weight loss as and key you would lose 5lbs for that $345 yes its $69 dollars spent for every pound or investment you lose.

When / if the new medical plans do kick in you may want to remember this when go shopping because I did some preliminary and courtesy of my work provided health plan it will cost me just about the  same if I don't take into account the time it takes because it took me 6 months to lose that 10 pounds.

Talk about expensive comparatively the average hospital stay for a heart attack or stroke is over $4K so maybe the economics is that you should go ahead invest now and lose it before the stay to get better bankrupts you
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