Monday, July 22, 2013

I think there is something in the water ...

because everyone is having babies.

There were June babies and now it seems pregnant woman are following me everywhere I go or look.

I was on vacation and there I was walking down Mission street to the Ferry Building and I think a horde ( what is a bunch of pregnant women a gaggle? ) of women with child in and out of the womb marching toward me with smiles on their faces and starbucks cups in their hands.

I nearly turned heal and ran home ...all the way to San Jose.

While I have had my share of baby showers and birthing events ( yeah good friend you increased the population whoo hoo ) I am happy my ovaries are gathering dust so to speak.

I am not so sure I would be a good mom except as much as I want a dog why do I not want a baby?

I think its the increased cost of college education which is what one proud mama asked for instead of baby blankets but actual money to go into a college fund.

I got her a US Savings Bond.

I know a bond? it might be worthless piece of paper but hear me out I don't always agree whom is managing the money and I don't trust any money management company especially after the recession I just do not believe they won't screw it up somehow and while that is inevitable what about the parents, who knows if and when Johnny or Suzie is 13 and they don't like each other who then is the parent in the matter ( fyi sometimes is its the kid )

While it is a Bond and the US Government is a good 10 years away from going totally bankrupt (financially) it was the one thing I could do online because when I went to the expectant mother's website to financially donate I was bombarded by advertisements and requests to sign up. When all i wanted was to say "Great your pregnant" funny I couldn't find a hallmark card with that on it either.
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