Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Learn, Learn, Get some knowledge in your noggin

I love the internet it can tell you are beautiful and fabulous depending which star chart or chinese symbol you choose.

For all the cat videos and super cute doggies

Nothing beats learning about Accounting 1 Introduction  and trust me I am going to have to plunk down some millions of dollars to figure out what the heck Shakespeare is talking about (sic).

The fact remains you can learn just about anything from Alison to Coursera to Skillpath to the old standby Dale Carnegie

So its a good thing the Intel Museum is having a very fun event in Santa Clara

Tues, July 16, 2 class times: 10-11am, 3-4pm

Schematics, Switches and Circuits

From doorbells to karaoke machines, kids ages 9 and up will be introduced to reading schematics and building circuits.  After a quick introduction to the basics, they will work in teams to build a variety of electronic devices that ring, beep and play songs!

Space is limited and reservations are required. Email to register (child's name, parents name, age and telephone number) or call 408-765-5050. Reservation deadline is 48 hrs prior to the class date.

Experience the exciting world of silicon technology as you explore more than 30 interactive exhibits at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, Calif. Learn how silicon is at the heart of an ever expanding, increasingly connected digital world, changing the way people work, learn, play, and communicate
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