Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remember When ? Dating Adventure Redux

As I approach my 1500 post I remembered I tried dating before online and well I couldn't not tell you about it because well I think its priceless and better than me slapping myself upside the head every time I log onto eHarmony

Monday, February 14, 2011 and Houston Jayne

Happy Heart Day Everyone here is my tale to tell you about the one lesson that I apparently didn't learn and really I should have learned a long time ago.

So there I am reading the online newspaper article about dating on the Internet, kinda ironic when you think about it I was using the internet to read the paper and now about dating...but that is for another time.

Its 2003 and I am bored at work when I read THIS and think WOW what a great idea.

Now you would think because I drink copious amounts of wine that I would find my TRUE Love here....not exactly...infact I think Cupid said "Oh Hell No!" because Bacchus wanted a piece of Cupid's action.

So guess what I did, yes I did I signed up so quickly I think I posted an actual picture of myself without doing any photoshopping beforehand.

Well guess who was my FIRST date from this excursion...yup Houston Jayne now you are probably thinking "What a great idea?" Create a website and collect all the signups and date the ones you like who cares if they find true love or not.

Well Houston was a great guy and while I googled him recently I am not so sure the guy in the Linkedin photo matches the guy I hi-fived at Delfina...Yes, even my older sister is ashamed of me for that.

So for this Hearts Day...Ladies do it right put up a site and the men will come or maybe a blog post?
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