Saturday, July 6, 2013

What to do and Where to go

It is ok if you do not like me I completely understand and you telling me so gives me so much more power that well it makes unbelievably happy that you don't like me

That being said its a new month and you don't know what is going on where.

I rarely share where my hot spots are to find what's happening where but I feel generous and will share a few websites with you today.

First off, I have mentioned Eventbrite before and really I can find just about anything on Eventbrite except a date so that being said dating and eventbrite are like eHarmony and me right now ...not happening.

Secondly, I really like Stanford campus I would love to walk around it but instead I find events happening courtesy of the Stanford Event Calendar 

Next, its worth saying it again but the Campbell Express and Metro Newspapers do a great job of letting me know the 411 on events.

Lastly, Meetups yeah meetups are event central for me sometimes and if I should ever get bored I will go to an meetup for bored people that is how awesome it is.
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