Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Kickstarter? You have to ask?

A few years ago at one of my workplaces an endeavor to give back to the community started. Now I am really honestly one person who knows too much about community giving since I was volunteering with One Brick way back in 2004 in a vain effort to get a date. Then in 2006 I volunteered for San Francisco AIDS Walk something like 300 hours then in 2007 I tried to do 500 hours in 2008 and run for City Council well, we all know how that went but I really never stopped volunteering whether its cleaning up a beach or walking 6.5 miles to fight a disease I probably know about.

This year I wanted to make a very real investment so I joined Kickstarter. First off, if you do look back in some of my posts you will see requests to donate to valuable and worthy causes even when I was on unemployment income I still gave. At the end of the year I get about 4 to 10 letters or emails of Thanks for the donations I make throughout the year.

Yet, you can't "see" it or more to the fact I can not see the change I made. Thus I added Kickstarter and for the same amount I donate I can support great projects.

Do all the projects come to fruition ? Do all the campaigns succeed ? Do I make a difference?

Maybe, No, Yes.

On Kickstarter I have found a lot of great projects that are near and dear to me and that is probably the best thing I can say is because whether you like craft beer or craft boats you can find a project on Kickstarter.

I supported a movie about someone who has MS, I have supported a craft of paper being made out of sunflowers. I have supported a comic book and cooking. Its stuff I believe in.

Do I think I am the next Anderseen Horowitz? NO Hell NO

Do I think you can find a project that while it may fail in funding that you find worthy to champion ? YES Hell Yes.

Just check out Kickstarter because giving money, donating time and giving clothes away does help the community but if making a difference or better yet

Making an Impact matters to you then you should find out what's on Kickstarter for you.
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