Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drop your computer and go outside

Drop your computer and go outside because that is what I have to do now I broke my old one.

We are on the third day of a three day weekend what to do and where to go.

To recap if you are reading this its because you are a) related to me b) a corporate spy c) really bored and I paid you to read this d) looking for something to do on Monday September 2nd

I will go with the last one because I have an ego afterall.

But where shall we go on Monday September 2nd ?


Let's see

In Chicago we can go to the North Coast Music Fest and pay $200 for a ticket to a really great event

In Los Angeles we can go to the Leimert Park Village African Art and Music Festival  for Free and there is food and fun and a kids stage

In Fort Lauderdale you can go to the Electric Beach ! This festival has it all with a great lineup and don't forget its in Fort Lauderdale!

Finally go running The Portland Mile in Portland, OR at the Portland Meadows Race Track There is BBQ and there is something about Ex Mountain Cop Stakes but don't worry the horses will do the running you get to eat the BBQ.

Hope you have a good one
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