Monday, August 19, 2013

Jenny, Greenlight, WW, and me

I actually got a subscription to the electronic version of Weight Watchers.

I know as I am trying to see what I don't know that could help me shed the extra pounds which is really kinda hard.

So I read Weight Watchers and try Greenlight and purchase some Jenny Craig food and well I have issues.

Not magazine issues

weight issues.

For the past two weeks I have been trying to run 1 mile exactly the same distance from my house to the bus stop and its been not successful.

I can make it maybe three blocks then I am just speed walking to the traffic light intersection then I go on this kinda bumpy path where there are low branches and well I trot -then stop and start and speed walk then the next intersection I come up to and I let the cars pass and I try to jog over to the bus stop where I collapse into a puddle of sweat.

I get back up and try to run back home ( easy right ? )

yeah decidedly not.

I feel some accomplishment ( my mile is a good 12 minutes -yeah!) is just that but then I remember upon returning home and getting into the shower I have to run the full course.

So the next day I wake up bright and early at 4:30 am to go to a boot camp for runners and try to join in.

At 5AM if there is an Alien Invasion these people would be the first casualties because Nothing

NOTHING distracts them from their running so by 5:30 I am on my way back home in a rather urgent need of a shower and going to head into work.

While trying to lose weight I thought I would try to learn about it and well.

Jenny is bland, WW is too unbelievable to be believable and Greenlight well is nice but still I feel I need something else.

So weight loss isn't easy but neither is running

I gotta choose
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