Saturday, August 17, 2013

Job Hunting : A Weighty Issue

When I worked for a nonprofit previously I found myself the wort on the nose of a pretty face.

You see the staff started a health kick involving Chai tea and bikram yoga. So young and old were losing the pounds serendipitously. While I didn't have a car I would walk 10 miles a day that came to 3 miles to work plus 2 miles to school then back the full 5 miles at night after class. What more could I do so I tried the Chai tea and I did some yoga but the pounds stayed on like a stubborn wort on my own nose.

I felt horrible about myself and it wasn't anyone's fault but when the recession hit and I was summarily dismissed I found Spanx to be my dear friend after all. I would squeeze myself into an outfit for interviews and try to not breath.

I surprisingly didn't have any asthma attacks but today weight is something people don't like to see.

Unfortunately, your weight is an issue whether you have qualified skills or not.

So again, I find myself watching teammates lose weight while I drink a gallon of water at night in effort to flush my fat away all I do end up with is a weak bladder.

What does this mean for the person whom is looking for a job? Simply, exercise to burn more calories than you take in. If you are underweight eat some bulgar wheat bread with soy cream cheese.

Will it ( weight ) come up? Yes, it will as the best way for anyone to handle the issue is to simply state that you believe your personal health is an personal issue that you are learning more about everyday. You may divulge your love of Smart Water and you wish Bikram classes were scheduled when you liked them. Just keep it simple and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do a job because the size of your waistband.

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