Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Liquid Love : Wine and Dogs

I do get comments really I do and I read them to a point that I remind myself to call my older sister.

Or actually she will leave a comment telling me to call her but you get the gist of it.

There has been some concern over my love and adoration for the grape juice that is fermented.

Thank you but you have to realize doing laundry while drinking wine isn't actually housekeeping its to prevent the zombie Apocalypse.

Seriously how does one defend themselves against Zombies if they don't know how and equally when are you going to watch ZombieLand, Shaun of the Dead or Night of the Dead except when you are doing laundry?

So, I go to Amazon pick a zombie movie and voila I now know how to defend myself against Zombies all the while I get really clean clothes and enjoy a nice Merlot.

Try it you will thank me.

Thus, I promote dog ownership and smiling at them to a point that someone out there finds my musings discriminatory against cats.

Have you ever (EVER) seen a Cat Smile ? Seriously it is like looking into the depths of the Devil and finding a dead bunny. Cats are good and they fight evil but I have never seen one smile. Cats can sing they can swim apparently and they are very good being cute but Smile??? Nah.

Dogs Smile even funny looking ones like the hairless ones they have this really goofy way of doing it. I have tried to find a dog that doesn't smile and it had a muzzle on it so its inconclusive.

So there that is why wine and dogs are my two go to points of this blog oh and you should see the book

Wine Dogs ...its like nirvana except in a book
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