Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My other computer just beat it

So I am typing this up because literarally I beat my other computer apparently banging on it like a chimpanzee is a bad idea I probably should have let Gigante do it for me

Anyway in the midst of what to do this three day weekend don't fret here is what you can do in New York on Sunday September 1st!

Let's Play Tennis as the 2013 US Open in Flushing, NY starts at 11AM at the Billy Jean King National Tennis Center Its the 3rd Round so it should be good

Ok maybe you don't want to play tennis or watch people play tennis or pay $2K for a seat to see people play tennis. You can go to the Electric Zoo yes the Electric Zoo at Randall's Island in New York Steve Aoki is on the main stage no less ( sorry kids no monkeys here )

Alright for all those in Coupledom go to Ayza for Couples night with chocolate because nothing says love like watching someone put chocolate in your mouth. No Really its romantic ! AYZA is also a wine bar so check it out

So that is what you can do in New York on Sunday September 1st of course that is if you live in New York!
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