Monday, August 5, 2013

Ok Sign UP !!!

Tomorrow at the Network Center in Santa Clara is the Administrative Professionals Connect meeting starting at 5:45PM 

Why should an very hard working EA, OM or PA / AA bother to sign up for this event well we all can Improve our professional know how including communication and partner skills. You will also get an organized event where you can meet the top tier vendors whom work with professionals day in and day out. 

These interactive meetings will help you meet topics that you face daily in a better way and you learn just a few tricks of the trade. 

The best part ? Well, individualized attention for $29 is better ( $39 at the door ) for professional Administrators. Guests are $49 ( $59)  You really save money if you register now 

The Network Center is located at 5201 Great America Parkway in Santa Clara 

The topic is how Gossip, Venting, Complaining is handled and what the cost is to you as an Administrator because we all know that chatting is fine but Venting about a bad day at work you need to know how the emotional bubbles up and over. 

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