Sunday, August 18, 2013

Run to lose it !

Now that I am back to running or jogging or brisk walking (whatever) I know where all the running events are and how many miles those are so won't you join me in the delusion that I can actually run and see me try out for all these events !

Today is the San Jose Earthquakes Challenge The run is thru Downtown Santa Clara and should be fun. Yes, I am going to try to do the 9:45AM 1KM Fun Run because I think I may only make it that .5 mile straight without begging for mercy.

Did you know there is a San Francisco Running Company apparently Marathon Matt knows something about running Marin Style and all I can say is I hope to try to make it !

On Labor Day lets go to Vasona Park and get some Zombies! Actually this 5 mile run is pretty easy given that it is around the majestic Vasona lake while you are being chased by Zombies ? Ok maybe not.

Play Poker ! the 1st Annual Nor Cal Buffs Poker Run in October

Ok we have Earthquakes, Running Companies, Poker and Zombies what else can you do running?
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