Monday, August 12, 2013

Ugh the internet vs cable

I readily admit that cable and television providers may be losing money but it is really really annoying of late. Even Amazon is having the issue with Google Chrome and so I switch over to IE which really I don't want to I mean every time I have to go on Internet Explorer a bee dies and we really need to save the bees.

I can understand it because we all need to make money but the Internet is just another pimp for you to pay now n days.

Even on Hulu I get the very lame message that I have to connect to my cable provider to see a show Hulu what the heck is Hulu Plus for anyway ...its to avoid the cable guy ( movie and actual company )

I figure by this time next year we will have to pay for the Internet.

Do you know how much people pay for their cell phones now it is really astronomical one person told me he pays more for his cell phone than his car insurance payment and he has 4 cars ...all four car insurance payments accumulate LESS than his cell phone bill and this guy owns an X3 BMW yeah...tell him to pay the cable company to watch a show.

So I am trying to like IE but I am going to try FireFox but does Netscape still work?

Dolphin Browser ...what happened to Rock Melt ( ok that was a joke ...:)

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