Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I just couldn't do it

I was all set and ready to buy another computer then my conscious got all in my face and I am having the other computer repaired hopefully to the point that it is going to work for a while longer.

I am doing ok not using a computer to live my life vicariously thru.

I am going to go on a date.

Which means I will soon be on line all the time again just wait dating never ever really works out so don't hold your breath that this space will become dormant

I also read an actual book.

No really I read a book on a beach while listening to a radio and well I nearly missed my bus back but all is well and I have a sunburn.

Really are you surprised? I go read a book and get a sunburn.

That is so very typical of me that I would be more surprised if I brought my date to the beach to read said book and get said sunburn.

mmm....a date idea !

Anyway I am still typing away at the very old computer while the other one gets fixed.

I had to suspend my hulu subscription I am going to be like holed up for a couple weekends just trying to catch up with all the summer season finale's.

Or I could just go to a movie...nah I better save that for date night !

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