Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ten Dollars of Halloween Decorations ...its September 4th people

Honestly, I think I should get medicated or heavily sedated because I went into the Dollar store and well...bought Halloween Decorations.

Call a nurse I am freaking out.

Did I forget all about Columbus Day!

Okay, okay I am joking but even I had to say "sheesh" as I left the store.

Kids are just now getting back to school and here I am planning my Thanksgiving Turkey

(side note: I am not joking I actually am looking up the way to order from Whole Foods )

Then I realized I need someone to blame and while I could blame my parents they are dead so instead I am going to blame one of my former bosses.

Do you know why?

Well in MAY one year she asked me about where to have the holiday party?


Like the month after April and before June

Like in the spring

I wasn't fazed as this woman taught me the value of forecasting and gave me a lot of tricks of the trade.

So while I try to find a Prince Charming to go with my Snow White outfit you keep worrying about property taxes because by that time I will have a planned to get a date for Valentines Day...
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