Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christmas In July : Donate Here - Kansas City : DeLaSalle

School is hard and some students learn differently check out DeLaSalle

We are an alternative to the traditional school.
A tuition-free, charter high school in Kansas City, Missouri, DeLaSalle gives students who are underserved a chance to improve their learning and life skills, stimulate their potential, and fulfill their promise.
We are unique.
We are one of the only high schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area that provides alternative education and behavior health services onsite. It is our core areas of personalized education, holistic services, and workforce development through experiential learning that makes us unique.
We are an opportunity for success.
DeLaSalle gives our students another, and sometimes last, opportunity to complete their high school education. Students find success at DeLaSalle because we focus on, and believe in, them. In and out of the classroom, we guide young men and women toward self-sufficiency and self-reliance, helping them define their goals and achieve their dreams.
We take education personally.
We teach the whole child—not just the one who sits at a desk. Academically, emotionally, and therapeutically, our programs address our students’ life barriers to help clear their path to academic success.
We take education seriously.
We design a unique learning plan for each student focused on literacy and workforce development. At DeLaSalle, students earn what they learn.
We take education out of the classroom.
Through our experiential learning programs, we provide hands-on projects like the Bamboo Bicycle Project and the Student Press, we help students put their potential into practice, providing them ample opportunities to learn by doing.
We are a community.
Students and parents, teachers and staff, donors and volunteers, civic leaders, business partners, board of directors –the community that surrounds, supports, and sustains DeLaSalle all believe that each and every one of our students deserves a quality education that fosters and stimulates his or her true potential.
We are the future.
Thanks to a $6.2 million capital campaign, DeLaSalle will expand our services and our enrollment to provide for students for years to come. Construction has already begun on the expansion and renovation project.
We are more than a school.
We have to be. Our students, our community, deserve it. Join us and help our students succeed.
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