Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Christmas In July : How to : Blogging about nonprofits

Could you dedicate a space that you curate on the internet just for nonprofits?

What are the steps taken to make sure what you curate is accurate?

How do set aside time to do the work of curating the nonprofits and space?

The answer is ...join the crowd. When I started  this blog so very long ago I put up more than a few resource for nonprofit promotion and space. Yes, I made a lot of spelling mistakes, copy and paste doesn't always translate, and time to do it has not been all that great.

I am talking about 1am blogging about an event happening that weekend. I am talking about 5am blog promotion for an nonprofit trying to help people. I am talking about getting an email from a nonprofit asking me to clear my posts with them prior to posting.

This is in addition to the time and critical thinking spent looking up nonprofits and finding valuable resources to validate a nonprofit. Then looking for an angle which I gave up on a long time ago because if you want to give out to the community the nonprofit mission statement should be all the promotion I need to give you for you to support right?

The problem is EVERYBODY else is doing it too! Yes, I could lament that my google bot has no friends except in Russia. Yet, there is about fourteen thousand people doing the exact same thing you want to do.

Interesting the Nonprofit industry watchdogs let everyone do what everyone wants to do under the sun on the blogging platform. I could post dog pictures to 31 dog nonprofits and that would be fine.

I would be doing my Google Bot reader a disservice because I think Bots might like cats, or worry about cancer or the sky falling. The fact is that spending time to curate the space is essential a self motivated exercise and one that doesn't exactly burn calories but patience does tend to be well worn by the time I am done.

You can be indiscriminate about how you curate the space and you may want to pick a theme ( fyi all themes have been done before...really they have don't worry you can always post a different Slant ) and blog within that theme but be advised even if you do all the right moves you may still get a letter or call asking you to repost or review or remove a promotion of a nonprofit.

Don't worry you can find one to replace it ...
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