Saturday, July 18, 2015

Christmas In July : How to Donate : Fundraising by Food

You may know the opportunity from Dine Out nights well I actually got my first taste of fundraising when I met Jamal at UnaMas in Campbell.

I needed to do a dining night and this was just in the beginning of fundraising by food. As many other organizations and restaurant associations caught on when you hold a fundraiser a lot goes into the entire process.

This is where I am going to let Jamal do some of the relating of what it takes to do a fundraiser.

The first step is to select an establishment that does do fundraisers, UnaMas in Campbell has been here for the past 15 years and I have done at least one fundraiser a year for a nonprofit.

Next is the date of the fundraiser and this can be difficult because when Eat In Fundraisers started everyone wanted to do Friday night thinking it was the busiest night but sometimes that was not the case especially on odd Fridays or around a major holiday. So mostly UnaMas in Campbell will do an Eat In Fundraiser Sunday to Thursday all day. Do keep in mind limiting hours or selecting a specialized dish may not work but so I try to keep the menu open.

Next, UnaMas in Campbell does not have the resources available to print flyers but we do have social media so the nonprofit rep needs to provide the flyer or media image for promotion of the event. In the heyday we had a basic form but after people not bringing the flyer or multiple reprints UnaMas in Campbell politely refuses to be the all in one because we do the printing of the nonprofit group on the banner in the window.

UnaMas in Campbell also has the right to refuse doing a fundraiser because honestly it usually conflicts with another fundraiser or the date doesn't work because of staffing. While UnaMas In Campbell does share 20% with the nonprofit of net a minimum had to be set because sometimes the turnout for the dine in fundraiser was less than 10 people.

UnaMas in Campbell has held a lot of successful fundraiser and while we promote other options of catering fundraisers options it is hard to gauge how the reaction is going to be so while UnaMas In Campbell can support a nonprofit its impossible to do it alone the nonprofit has to also promote the event.

Today and especially during the summer or holiday season there will be a lot more Dine In Fundraiser requests which is great but we suggest trying different options too aside from the flyer because the Return can be as low as $100 especially on a slow night.

Thanks Jamal and while you can do a fundraising drive with candy or electronics or even on line now fundraising with food is good too.

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