Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christmas In July : How to Donate : Nonprofit Bloggers

Yes, I am a blogger but, I am not exclusive to one topic, day or theme.

There are some pretty awesome nonprofit bloggers to check out that may even surprise you on the best p.o.v. and none of them ask you to smile at dogs.

Getting Attention is about marketing for nonprofits but Nancy does a good job letting you know the what's what too.

Beth Kanter really just read everything she has every typed

Nathan Hand is NonprofitNate and he is awesome in ways I can not even begin to tell you

Ann Green Nonprofit blog is really helpful but at the same time simple execution speaks volumes

Ken Berger does some good things and has some thoughts on others

Communication plays a lot in nonprofit blogs and business plan Sarah W Mackey is nice to work with 

Storytelling takes the whole point of view and tilts it.

Trust me there is about 100 more bloggers that you can find and that is the point there is a lot ( a TON ) of information available so if you do have questions or are interested in blogging for a nonprofit be sure to check out these bloggers first.
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