Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas In July : How To : Start Your Own Nonprofit

You see a need.

You want to fill a need.

You think starting a nonprofit is the best way to go.

You are wrong.

Yup, you are wrong.

No, really the wild hogs of the backwoods or the feral cats in the industrial park or the homeless under the overpass do not need you to start a nonprofit to help them.

There is already a nonprofit for that.

Yes, there is a nonprofit that will protect and secure data from Skynet too.

Yes, there is a nonprofit for Vampirism and freeing Zombies.

Yes, there is a nonprofit in your area that isn't addressing the need you see and want to cure, fill in for, or Champion.

I am sorry to disappoint you but making another nonprofit is as effective as shooting yourself in the foot and then you would have way too many medical bills to actually fix what you see is wrong.

Got it.

Good. Now are you ready to read what you can do...

Start your own nonprofit RESEARCH. I know there is a now minimally operated nonprofit that works nation wide to rescue feral cats because I did the research now what that means is I reached out to them to tell them about a need and you know what I found out their Executive Director is my neighbor.

Guess what, I get to help the nonprofit address my need by my Research.

Okay..ask the question anyway...

What about a cure for AIDS ? Zombies or Ariana Grande not being able to look straight ahead?

Simply the 15 minutes on Ariana Grande is almost up and hopefully auto tune will break that vicious cycle of rather untalented people making music. As far as Zombies go...they won't exist have you ever seen a Zombie go to the bathroom ...there are some people with sincere anxiety issues with the toilet seat that I don't think would go away if they were brain eating zombies so that is pretty much cured.

AIDS ...Yeah that is being worked on still and there is a lot more / better information and research going on that you may actually want to join in because they have capital ...your nonprofit is starting from let's not go backwards okay.

But what do I know? Well, I know Collaboration is way more effective than working single handed. Equally, sharing capital funds is a better resource then being dependent on just getting piece of the ever shrinking Government funding pie. Lastly, you need to do more than see a need or problem and think you can fix it. You have to have all the regular business model needs and understand that you won't have all the resources other organizations have already. Time is another big thing you need and trust me

If you See a need and want to fix a need...patience is the biggest resource you will use up trying to create a nonprofit.

I am sorry to burst your nonprofit bubble but the reality is there is over (and this is the LOW number ) 14 Million nonprofits in the US alone for cat rescue ...yes 14 million.

That said ...check out this collaboration video

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