Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#ChristmasIn July : Donate Here : Your charity of choice

I have taken a lot of time and effort to find charities and events and reasons to provoke you to donate money out to the wide world of nonprofits.

Sometimes we choose ourselves as the charity hence why saving money is so very very important but we still need help here is an article I found

Charities and organizations that can help with paying bills.

These national organizations and charities can provide you with various forms of help. Funding is always limited, and many of these agencies rely heavily on donations from individuals and businesses in the local community. Financial assistance will also issued with conditions, and is usually offered as a last resort when a family is faced with a crisis. The demand for help is very high, and since resources are limited, many charities prioritize programs for families with children, seniors, and the disabled.
When you are out of options and faced with an emergency, look into the programs listed below. Charities may be able to help with rent, housing, eviction prevention, and utility bill assistance. Other more national organizations can provide support with health care expenses, free medical care, and disease prevention. Some charity organizations can also provide job training and employment opportunities, and maybe even gasoline and pay for a car in order to get you to that job.
In addition, charities and non-profit organizations can also help by directing you to other aid and assistance programs. They are a great place for referrals and staff can be used as resources.

Multiple services

Community Action Organizations - Local public or non-profit organization that provide numerous types of help and assistance, including help with utility bills, job training, and other services. More.
American Red Cross - Local branches of the American Red Cross provide families with help paying electric and heating bills. The Red Cross will also provide other forms of assistance, such as aid to military families, health and safety classes, disaster assistance, and other community services. The services provided by the Red Cross depend on the individual consumer need, and the Red Cross must also always keep extra funds in reserve available for emergencies. The Red Cross receives most of the money it has available to pay out from the United Way.
Catholic Charities - No matter what your background or religion is, this charity organization may be able to provide financial help, cash assistance or other resources in a crisis. There are over 3,000 locations around the nation that individuals can turn to. More Catholic Charities financial assistance.
Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program - This program provides families with direct financial assistance, including rent and mortgage payments. They also offer counseling, help with tax returns, budgeting skills, and more. Read more on Gradient.
Jewish Federation of North America - This is a national charity organization that distributes funds to non-profit sites around the country. Most locations provide assistance to needy families of all religions, races, and ages. Social services and emergency assistance for rent, homeless prevention, energy bills, and more is offered. The  federation will also help coordinate job training and workforce  development. More on Jewish Federation financial assistance.
Love in the Name of Christ, or Love, provides many services. The charity organization operates from dozens of sites and can provide families access to a Clearinghouse. This will offer them referrals to church based solutions, such as shelter, food, meals, housing, and transportation. Some churches or charities they partner with may have cash assistance available for expenses, such as medications, rental payments, or overdue utility bills. Find assistance from Love Inc.
Lutheran Services in America coordinates with hundreds of local human service groups and charities to provide help to the needy and less fortunate. Programs can provide basic needs such as housing, medical care, meals, and financial resources for critical bills. The poor, elderly, and struggling are many of the beneficiaries of this national non-profit charity. Click more information.
Ministries from UMC - United Methodist Church - Programs available from this church based charity organization are wide ranging. Ministries may help with solving transportation needs (such as auto repairs or rides to work), hunger ministries provide free food or meals, and they also partner with housing organizations and local clinics. Charities, churches and non-profits work together to help the poor. More information.
National Assistance League - While the charity operates across the country, the local centers focus on meeting the needs for that community. So called chapters may provide a number of basic needs. A common program offered nationally is Operation School Bell, which is school clothes, books, and items to students. A number of other programs are available and may include dental care, meals, social services, day care, and other support. Thousands of people volunteer at this charity. Click Assistance League programs.
Net Wish - A non-profit that was created by a private individual. The organization provides emergency cash grants and free money to qualified individuals to help them pay critical bills in an emergency. Priority is given to the elderly and families with children. This non-profit was created to help the less fortunate. More details on grants to help pay bills.
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