Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Music is Great.. even in Ohio..Donate for #ChristmasInJuly

Music Loves Ohio is a great program and you need to donate $25 today!
Zack Cramo, MLO Board Member and Playing To Vapors Bassist, leads a call and answer drum session after an Instrument Build.
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Music Loves Ohio is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for children of all backgrounds in central Ohio to learn, perform, and record music. In addition to hosting workshops and activities throughout the year, we donate instruments to young people who have access to music education. Music Loves Ohio was founded by a group of people who thought it was crazy and unfair for financial barriers to keep kids who are passionate about music away from pursuing it. In 2009, Matt Crumpton and Tony Castricone began working on the project and eventually called on many of their friends and fellow music opportunity enthusiasts to help out.

Over the years, MLO has bought instruments for students and classrooms in need, hosted instrument building sessions, hosted songwriting workshops, paid for students to attend music summer camps, and even paid for the travel cost of students to perform at Carnegie Hall.

MLO raises its money exclusively through fundraising events and donations. We do not have an outside benefactor. In the past we have had lots of concert fundraisers, and even put out a Holiday music compilation album covered by some of the best artists in Columbus (which we were lucky enough to have produced by Jerry DePizzo of O.A.R.).

Today, MLO is a growing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In each year, MLO has donated more money in grants and scholarships than in the prior year – a goal that we will continue to meet.- See more at:

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