Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And We Are Back At It!

While in complete and utter vain I tried not to blog during August which was very successful if you consider I just repeated a post for 31 days ( sorry , not sorry ).

That said it is FINALLY September 1st and I can relate to the sigh of relief you just did as I type away here in this space.

So, we have four more months to get thru until 2016 starts and the NEW Editorial Calendar goes LIVE.

Folks, I will admit I am not excited as I once was but March 17, 2017 is coming and this space will indeed go "private settings" and you will have to read my drivel elsewhere ( adayoffnow and swimfaye respectively ).

Thus, September and October should be normal as we check in with people I have spoken to in the past ( kinda like a flashback -HINT) and then I will remind you consistently how to give money away.

Before you know it the Calendar will show January 1, 2016 far no apocalypse is planned but give the GOP some time to make one up.

Remember, March, May and August will be ALL REPEAT POSTS so if there is a post you would really like to see again ( like the first one or my letter to Eli Roth - which surprisingly still has the most click thru's ) let me know because I am like really horrible ...I did a lot of What to do Calendar posts afterall.

I am back ..and I know you missed me.


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